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ALYT al centro di Edison Smart Living

Edison entra nel mercato della Smart home per rispondere alla crescente richiesta di nuovi consumatori hi-tech e lo fa utilizzando ALYT e la sua piattaforma.

Sono sempre di più gli utenti connessi che cercano nuove offerte personalizzabili per proteggere la propria casa, per questo motivo Edison ha presentato “Edison World”, un pacchetto di servizi per rendere la casa intelligente, sicura ed efficiente.Continue reading

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MegaFon presents “Life Control” an IoT Hub for Connected Home powered by ALYT

MegaFon, is the second largest mobile phone operator in the Russian market, with more than 20 years of experience and more than 76 million customers.

In December 2016 MegaFon has launched “Life Control”, a smart home solution for connected home and offices, being the first company in Russia to present a wide-ranging solution for smart home and more.

The core technology of “Life Control” is developed by LYT inc. powered with the sophisticated ALYT platform connecting any smart devices in one smart ecosystem.
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ALYT ospite a Eta Beta – Radio1 Rai

Sono in ogni angolo della casa, collegati tra loro, muti, con un chip al posto degli occhi e pronti a cogliere ogni nostro segreto: abitudini, cibi preferiti, orari di rientro. Sono frigoriferi, termostati, contatori, videocamere e altri oggetti della cosiddetta internet delle cose. Ci porteranno tante comodità, ma anche altrettanti rischi. Il motivo? Alla casa connessa è dedicata la nuova puntata di Eta Beta.

Mirko Bretto, responsabile marketing di ALYT, era tra gli ospiti a Eta Beta su Radio1 Rai.Continue reading

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An exhibition of the best interdisciplinary works realized by the students of the “Ambient Intelligence: technology and design” course, held by the professor Fulvio Corno, Department of Control and Computer Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino in the academic year 2015-2016.

The projects of year 2016 explore the theme Ambient Intelligence systems for Health and Well-Being.

This event will be a chance of meeting between the students’s skills of the Polytechnic of Turin, experts, companies and startups operating in Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Cities, Interaction Design and the Internet of Things.

In the showcase will be presented prototypes using, among others, wearable and mobile devices, wireless sensors, the Internet of Things technology, advanced user interaction, in areas such as domestic dwellings, the buildings, the urban context.Continue reading

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ALYT @ IBC2016

We are hosted by Arcadyan Technology Corporation. Hall 3 – A27  (9-13 Sept 2016 – Amsterdam)

We are happy to introduce at IBC Show 2016, our new version of ALYT platform dedicated to all STB and Android smart TV.
with ALYT each STB or smart TV can be transformed into a IoT gateway for home automation. Any user can control all connected objects using the remote control, create and manage rules and scenarios, for a complete IoT experience.
Anyone who wants to come and visit us or want to see the demo, please write to mirko@alyt.com

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Foscam C1

The Foscam C1 is the first HD Mini IP Camera boasting incredible features at an affordable price. A gloss mirror design with 11 LEDs hidden beneath the surface to create a truly beautiful IP camera.; Sleek design that fits every corner of your home with 100 angle of view. Easily mount on your wall, table or ceiling to keep an eye on what matters most; Setup your camera in 3 easy steps with EZLink. Scan the QR code, name your camera and enter your Wi-Fi password, the camera will automatically connect to your Wi-Fi network, and you’re ready to view from anywhere on your device!; With passive infrared detector (PIR), C1 automatically detects human heat and sifts moving objects. You will not be annoted receiving false alerts with a fly buzzing around your room or blowing leaves.; Never miss a moment with local video storage via SD Card (Not Supplied). Set your camera for continuous recording, to record at scheduled times, or just when motion and sound events are detected.Continue reading