With the integration of NorthQ Power Meter, now ALYT gives you the opportunity to visualize electricity consumption in your home.

NorthQ Power Meter tutorial

NorthQ Power Meter

NorthQ has developed a small Power Reader that can be easily installed on existing electronic or mechanical meters in order to visualize electricity consumption in private homes. The meter reading solution is based on the Z-Wave wireless standard, which is ideal for controlling automation products within the home.

The product consists of 3 parts: a Power Reader, a battery-powered wireless transmitter and a USB receiver. Electricity data is transferred to a chosen PC every 15 minutes, where it can then be visualized in the form of graphs, enabling customers to keep track of their electricity consumption (in kWh and in local currency), and monitor their CO2 emissions, etc. It is also possible to receive real-time measurements in order to investigate how much each individual appliance uses in active or standby mode.

Furthermore, it is possible to enter a budget for how much you want to consume in EUR or kWh per year. The NorthQ eGadget on the screen continuously monitors and updates the electricity consumption data to indicate whether you are under or over budget. You are then able to compare your electricity consumption in the current year with that in previous years. It is also possible to compare the consumption in your current home with other types of homes, e.g. apartments, houses, villas, etc.

Our ongoing development will later allow the Power Reader solution to be used in conjunction with the portal MyEnergyreadings.com to get an overview of your total energy consumption and thus enable you to manage your home in a more energy efficient way. Apart from the obvious financial benefits, this solution enables you to play a part in the global efforts to improve our environment through the reduction of CO2 emissions.