MegaFon, is the second largest mobile phone operator in the Russian market, with more than 20 years of experience and more than 76 million customers.

In December 2016 MegaFon has launched “Life Control”, a smart home solution for connected home and offices, being the first company in Russia to present a wide-ranging solution for smart home and more.

The core technology of “Life Control” is developed by LYT inc. powered with the sophisticated ALYT platform connecting any smart devices in one smart ecosystem.

During the presentation of this new product, Sergey Sobolev (Managing Director of Internet Of Things division at MegaFon) was enthusiastic about “Life Control”  and its ALYT Technology:

Life Control is a complete plug and play ecosystem of smart devices available to all MegaFon customers, all devices are easy to install and ready to use immediately. This smart kit can be used to quickly resolve potential domestic accidents, to manage electrical appliances remotely, or tracking the movement of pets. Life Control has an affordable price, it is a reliable product, effortless to use. With many usage scenarios, it will be a valuable and valid helper at home. Today, MegaFon brings to the market the Life Control technology able to manage consistent and useful information about Connected Home. I am sure that in the near future will become an integral part of the family, as it happened with smart phones for the modern man. – Sergey Sobolev, Managing Director of Internet Of Things division, MegaFon

For all information about Life Control, we invite you to visit the site