Smart Home

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Professional Intruder Alarm

“56% of users want a professional security system”


Not only a professional security system, but ALYT can provide video surveillance and electronic remote monitoring services by a third party, that can monitor permises 24 hours a day and will contact the police if necessary.

ALYT, Device, IoT, Smart Home

Fibaro Roller Shutter 2

fibaro with alyt

Integration with ALYT App

With ALYT and FIBARO Roller Shutter 2 you can control electric roller blinds, awnings, venetian blinds, garage doors and gates. Designed to work with any VAC powered electric motor, equipped with either electronic or mechanic limit switches.
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ALYT, Device, IoT, Smart Home

Health & Fitness

Check the progress of your workout and monitor your heart rate to optimize your results directly from your TV or ALYT app. ALYT can remind you when it’s time to train and how long based on your activity levels.


ALYT, Device, IoT, Smart Home

Optimize consumption

“45% of users want to manage the energy consumption of the house through an app”

optimize_consumptionBased on real time analysis of consumption, you will be able to control the energy consumption of your home and your office. You will receive from ALYT valuable advice on how to optimize energy management according to your lifestyle

ALYT, Device, IoT, Smart Home

Meet your needs

Your home following your pace and meets your needs.

When your smart bracelet suggests ALYT you fell asleep, ALYT turn off all electronic devices and home lighting to allow you to sleep peacefully. When you wake up your home will wake up you.