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MegaFon presents “Life Control” an IoT Hub for Connected Home powered by ALYT

MegaFon, is the second largest mobile phone operator in the Russian market, with more than 20 years of experience and more than 76 million customers.

In December 2016 MegaFon has launched “Life Control”, a smart home solution for connected home and offices, being the first company in Russia to present a wide-ranging solution for smart home and more.

The core technology of “Life Control” is developed by LYT inc. powered with the sophisticated ALYT platform connecting any smart devices in one smart ecosystem.
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ALYT @ IBC2016

We are hosted by Arcadyan Technology Corporation. Hall 3 – A27  (9-13 Sept 2016 – Amsterdam)

We are happy to introduce at IBC Show 2016, our new version of ALYT platform dedicated to all STB and Android smart TV.
with ALYT each STB or smart TV can be transformed into a IoT gateway for home automation. Any user can control all connected objects using the remote control, create and manage rules and scenarios, for a complete IoT experience.
Anyone who wants to come and visit us or want to see the demo, please write to

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Smart & Fun

ALYT allows you to control virtually any AV device you have and you can handle the most popular platforms for video content, music and games, sharing them on your TV via DLNA or HDMI port.

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Building advanced intelligence

“60% of users would want a remote assistance service in case of domestic breakdowns”



ALYT can monitor and manage energy consumption of your home and office. Check the temperature, humidity and ventilation in special environments such as wine cellars and so on. ALYT can also alert you with a message on your television when the washing machine has finished washing clothes.

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Baby monitoring

Children are the salt of the earth, you will be able to take care of them, cuddle them and make sure they sleep sweetly. You can manage everything from your smartphone or smart tv.baby_monitoring

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Power your STB or Android TV with IoT capabilities by ALYT

The choice of Android as local OS for our platform, was one of the key decisions during the early stage of the development process. In the beginning many stakeholders has expressed doubts about it and eventually changed their minds once Android has been adopted as OS also for STB and SmartTVs.
In fact, thanks to this choice ALYT is natively compatible with the majority of Set Top Box on the market that are using Android as a operating system.

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in ALYT il partner industriale aizoOn

Il 2015 si è concluso con il primo importante contratto per oltre 60.000 unità,
e diversi pilot avviati sul territorio europeo e statunitense con alcune tra le più rilevanti Telcos, Utilities e Insurance company.
Il 2016 si apre con l’importante ingresso di aizoOn nella società LYT inc.

LYT inc. ha sviluppato e realizzato ALYT, una piattaforma open as a service in grado di ospitare applicazioni e servizi di terze parti, ed un gateway con sistema operativo basato su Android, che gestisce tutti i più diffusi protocolli di comunicazione in ambito IoT per la building automation, capace di comunicare e far comunicare tra loro ogni tipo di oggetto o dispositivo intelligente presente in abitazioni e uffici.  Continue reading

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Elderly care

None of your loved ones will feel alone anymore. Protect and take care of your elderly family members by monitoring their vital signs with smart objects and video surveillance 24 hours on 24.