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First tutorial

Hi ALYT Guru, the video tutorials are ready, here is the first one. we are Always on top of things, we still need a few weeks to begin shipping, but the ‘wait will be rewarded with a little surprise, on Monday we will reveal everything.

ALYT, Press Area, Tutorial


The past few weeks have been very intense for the ALYT Team: after the excitement of the successful campaign our work became harder but also full of huge satisfactions.

ALYT is almost ready, we are fine tuning the mobile APPS for Android and iOS that, in a couple of weeks, will be available online.

Unfortunately, some components suppliers are delaying deliveries, therefore, we have inform you that the first ALYT GURU units will be shipped at the end of August. Please accept our apologies. 

In the next few days we will post new videos with tutorials to show the ALYT progress.

Thank you once more for your understanding and for your continued support.

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