An exhibition of the best interdisciplinary works realized by the students of the “Ambient Intelligence: technology and design” course, held by the professor Fulvio Corno, Department of Control and Computer Engineering of the Politecnico di Torino in the academic year 2015-2016.

The projects of year 2016 explore the theme Ambient Intelligence systems for Health and Well-Being.

This event will be a chance of meeting between the students’s skills of the Polytechnic of Turin, experts, companies and startups operating in Smart Home, Smart Building, Smart Cities, Interaction Design and the Internet of Things.

In the showcase will be presented prototypes using, among others, wearable and mobile devices, wireless sensors, the Internet of Things technology, advanced user interaction, in areas such as domestic dwellings, the buildings, the urban context.

Emergency Quest


The goal of Emergency Quest is to improve dementia/Alzheimer affected people’s life, making them able to continue living at home by themselves and helping them managing some of the potential risks around the home.

All around the house (in dangerous positions, i.e. doors or windows) motion sensors will be placed to let the system play pre-recorded messages to avoid unpleasant situations. And if the patient succeeds to run away from the house, the server will notice it by processing GPS data sent by his bracelet and send a notification in the mobile app to the caregivers.

Furthermore, “agitation” is a common state for people affected by dementia/Alzheimer, so the system can recognize this particular state (with the same bracelet for GPS position) and change the environment to relax the person, by controlling lights and playing music.

All sensors and actuators are handled by an ALYT Hub, that communicates with the local station server.