2015 ended with the first important contract for over 60000 units and different pilots initiated in Europe and the US.
Among which there are Telcos, Utilities and Insurance Company.
2016 begins with an important step: aizoOn enters LYT Inc.

LYT Inc. has developed and carried out ALYT, an open as a service platform, capable to host applications and third-party services and a gateway with an Android based operating system that can manage the most common communication protocols in IoT environment for building automation. Moreover, it can communicate with all the smart devices in the building or offices and run communication among them as well.

LYT Inc. mission is to provide clients with a IoT platform that can readily offer a perpetually raising series of services to the third-parties and allow them to implement vertical solutions directed to the final users.

aizoOn completes the project potential through choosing ALYT as an enabler to elaborate with clients, products and services for humans.

aizoOn is an independent technological innovation company at global level with headquarters in the US, Australia, Italy and the UK. With a team of over 500 innovation and technology experts, engineers, physicists, statisticians and mathematicians, aizoOn is a well-known and reliable player to support clients and collect the potentials of the world that turns around the Internet of Things.

The market of IoT will be the next big thing” says Luca Gaetano Capula, CEO of LYT Inc.and those who want to play a key role need to satisfy and assure the clients on two main things that are strategic: the cyber security and the big data analysis. aizoOn has two business units specialized in these topics. Their presence in ALYT allows us to broaden our offers and raise our position in the market. With their support, we can continue to focus on platform development, so as to be able to offer ready-to-use IoT solutions to our clients. Thus allowing them to access this emerging market immediately.

A hub with any imaginable service is the new challenge for ALYT.

The third generation hardware (that we are designing) will consist of a single hub that can act as a router, Set Top Box and household hub with professional security traits. A single device that can meet all the needs of the final users at home, office or in stores.

“The settings to use sensors and connected objects are endless. The big step will be the possibility to elaborate the processes, products and services; to speed up the entry for all sectors of the digital context. Our goal is to support our clients in end-to-end digital transformation. Why has aizoOn chosen ALYT? To carry digital intelligence in everyday life. Smart home, smart life.”

aizoOn is an international company in innovation technology sector. With headquarters in the UK, Italy, Australia and the US with 500 experts, it can provide consultation and innovative technologic solutions. Present in all sectors in both private and public sectors, it’s organized for the market and technology. aizoOn, whose mission is innovations, invest in skills and turns them into projects, products and services; Therefore being distinguished by the ecosystemic approach in digital technology enabling field such as IoT, big data and cyber security.

ALYT® arise with the meeting of complementary professionality, our team came from a long experience in professional security system and professional building automation. Working for years in this business we realized that there was a big gap between high technology available to which users could access in homes and offices. We decided to revolutionize this market taking our experience and what we do better and put it at the service of all. Doing better something that already exists and make it accessible to everyone.
So we invented ALYT®.

The best of technology at the service of security and automation, without compromise. A product that integrates the highest levels of security for professional, the latest functionality in home automation and the endless opportunity od internet of things. We have built a team of high skilled engineers from all around the world, selected the best -performing components and chose the most reliable suppliers. We have choose key people with high expertise in design, logistic and financing with a experience in a multinational contest to guarantee a perfect product